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I'm a pretty big Zelda fan myself, and this track made my morning! Not bad whatsoever in the recreation, better than what I could've done, BY FAR. I always wished this[both original and recreation] could've been longer, but I suppose looping it would make up for it, haha.

Keep up the good work dude, and I'll come back everyday if I must to see what's new, because I adore this to no end. Woah,, nostalgia..

You have a new fan!! \o/
Great work overall. All 5 from me, because I love Zelda, and I love this track.

Be easy dude! - Blackowtt

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I'm digging it!
The beginning reminds me of the very first steps I took when I played Skyrim for the first time. If this kind of music wasn't playing in-game, it was playing in my head. But then I took an arrow to the.. never mind, I won't dare go there. XD

You definitely captured the aspect of immersion in this one, which admittedly can be hard to do at times. But you pulled it off very well. The sense of being immersed by just audio itself can be pretty powerful, so use your potential to the fullest, and definitely make more like it!

Good work overall! All 5 from me, this was beautiful.

MrNightVarga responds:

Wow! Thank you! This is the by far one of the detailed reviews I received.

Glad you liked it and thanks for listening. =)

I love the setup you have, fits easily for almost anything really! :D
I can say im, in a sense, lost for words when it comes to this track.
LOVE how it blends the tempos in the breakdowns and riffs from eachother, great work on that!

If youre looking to collaberate though, i DO do vocals, in any form you need. I'm actually working with a few users on newgrounds as a vocalist for their projects, so if you need some vox to compliment your tracks, i can be there!

As for this track and all the others just as well,
Amazing job mate! \m/

In short, my mind is absolutely fucked. I have a distinct style with my music, I just don't exactly know what it may be. To keep it basic, I'd say it's under the Experimental genre. I'm making progress for my second album titled Inferno. I cant type anymo

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oh shit i think im lost


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