For real.. I'm actually back this time.

2014-11-18 15:22:36 by Blackowtt

Hello all readers. I'm sure I'm absolutely known by no one here at the moment considering only 2 or 3 people even knew of me to begin with on here. So to cut the shit, I'm making my return back here. I'll be uploading a bunch of stuff involving audio stuffs. I strongly encourage you to go to my website [THE HUB], to really know what I'm about and what I do. Go check it out


Anywho, I'm back.

Let's do this shit. :)


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2014-12-01 23:16:29

awesome dude keep making music i always wanted to be a big music man but then i lost my way. i used to be a crazy little rebel on the newground dot com forums, making a scene, invoking pity and fright, but now i am a burn out that works a 9-5 for the man little dude. dont become like me. my engineering degree never got me anywhere because i am socially inept. i gave up music back in '92... i can still remember an a add 9 chord. *tear magically and nostalgiacally wanders down my visage* heed my words little rocker dude. u can still make it, learn frim my mistakes duude

Blackowtt responds:

Thanks for the review, and sorry for the late response! I feel you man, it can be tough at times, but there's generally always a way around it somehow. It can be hard to find sometimes. But yeah dude, as long as I'm still breathing, weather it gets me somewhere or not, I'll always be in the creative field, and especially making music any way that I possibly can. I'm actually about to upload a couple "half-assed" metal tracks you may dig.

Be easy man! - Blackowtt